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Dragon Glory is a free browser MMO RPG developed and published by 101XP. The creators of Dragon Blood, League of Angels and many other popular browser games return with a new title. The first thing that will draw players attention towards the game is the graphic system. Dragon Glory has enchanting visuals, great character models and a pleasant fantasy game atmosphere. The story creates an immersive game experience. Players discover a fantasy world, creatures of all kinds and brave heroes. Dragon Glory gameplay features PvE activities, PvP arena, cross server player interaction, single player content, team based dungeons, lots of mini games and events.

There are plenty of activities that don't require player interaction. Dragon Glory has a questing system like any other MMORPG that gives players the chance to earn XP and items while completing missions at their own pace. The game features a dungeon mode for single player. There are five dungeons that can be completed without any help from other players. Multiplayer dungeons are also on the Dragon Glory features list. These dungeons are more difficult than single player one. Players will need to find a group and adventure together into team dungeons. Several other PvE activities are also available. Players will find no shortage of content that requires combat against computer controlled enemies. When it comes to PvP, Dragon Glory challenges players to take part in arena battles. Other types of content such as mini games and events give players more things to do. Players get a fortune reading and many other prizes when they take part in the game activity called goddess blessing. They will need wish coins to spend for a chance to get rewards. Gold is earned from various tasks and also from alchemy. Players that wish to get richer using this feature will need help from other players. They can ask guild members or friends for help. Joining a guild has several other benefits so players should look for one as soon as possible.

Marriage is another form of player interaction. Couples who decide to get married in game have a great ceremony and also unlock special couple events. Like all MMO games, Dragon Glory uses servers. Players choose a server when they start the game for the first time. They will mostly interact with players from the same server but once in a while they can also compete against users from other servers. Cross server activities are events that bring together the entire Dragon Glory community. Players take part in various tournaments and contests. Dragon Glory is available as a free game from the 101XP games portal.

By Rachel Rosen

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