Dragon Eternity descends on iPhone, Android and Facebook

By Michael Jamias
dragon eternity iphone android facebook versions

Dragon Eternity transforms into a truly cross-platform title by launching its mobile and Facebook versions.

Previously only available to iPad and web browser mmo gamers, the fantasy MMORPG is now available for download to iPhone and Android mobile users, as well as to members of the world's most popular social network, Facebook.

Haven't heard of Dragon Eternity? Get enlightened with this Dragon Eternity official trailer:

The trailer tells of the relentless conflict between the two great empires of Sadar and Vaalor that must overcome their mutual hatred and work together to vanquish the newly risen threat: The Dark Gods of Shaab. Players can choose from three playable classes -- namely the Berserk, Paladin, and Witcher -- all of which use unique skills and have access to a powerful Dragon companion.

Existing Dragon Eternity players need not go through the sign-up process all over again to play via mobile or Facebook. They can use their same login and password for the iPad and web versions to access their account on the newer mobile and Facebook versions.

All players in all platforms can also interact in the same server, opening up flexible co-op play options for friends. For example, a PC owner can be adventuring in the land of Adan together with his iPad-swiping buddy and mobile-tapping girlfriend.

Dragon Eternity for Android can be downloaded via the Google Play store, while Dragon Eternity for iOS can be downloaded via the iTunes App store. Finally Facebook members can open and play the Dragon Eternity Facebook app.


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