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  • Dragon Eternity: choose

    Dragon Eternity: choose
    Choose to fight for Vaalor or Sadar....
    Dragon Eternity: choose

    Dragon Eternity: combat

    Dragon Eternity: combat
    Combat is turn based. The only control you have is to change stances during combat....
    Dragon Eternity: combat

    Dragon Eternity: quest

    Dragon Eternity: quest
    Quests are your best source for experience, gold and other rewards early on....
    Dragon Eternity: quest

    Dragon Eternity: smithy

    Dragon Eternity: smithy
    When your hero hits level 10, you can visit dungeons for new challenges....
    Dragon Eternity: smithy

Dragon Eternity is one of the most graphically impressive browser games released in 2012. Dragon Eternity is home to a huge array of exciting MMORPG features such as a unique combat system, a highly addictive collection feature and a vast amount of PvE and PvP options.

The most unique aspect to Dragon Eternity is the combat system, combining old-school MMORPG turn-based battles with high quality animations and skills. Players can fight a huge array of enemies from simple wolves and animals to more deadly creatures such as Golems. There's also an option to attack other players in an arena style setup where tournaments and other events are held on a regular basis. Whether you're against another player or an enemy monster, the goal of the combat remains the same, to reduce your opponents HP to 0. You do this by taking turns in delivering deadly blows and using unique abilities. There's a large selection of abilities available, all of which are displayed with some of the best animations seen in the MMO genre.

Another exciting feature about Dragon Eternity is the collection system. Rare items are scattered all over the world of Adan and each rare item belongs to a certain collector category. Eager collectors can explore the game world in search of these rare artifacts and are rewarded handsomely if they're able to locate a complete set. By finding a complete set of one type of rare item, players can be rewarded with a reputation bonus, experience points and even unique abilities to use in combat.

There are several organizations that play a large role in Dragon Eternity, players can choose to align with a specific organization or spread their activities among all of them. Each quest completed for a certain organization increases a players reputation which can be used to unlock powerful weapons, rare trinkets and a variety of other exciting items.

Dragon Eternity combines high quality, browser-based graphics with a unique selection of MMORPG features, making it one of the best MMORPG games available.

By Rachel Rosen


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