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  • Dragon Crusade: hall

    Dragon Crusade: hall
    Constructing new buildings is important. But remember to visit City Hall to collect taxes....
    Dragon Crusade: hall

    Dragon Crusade: train

    Dragon Crusade: train
    After building a tavern, remember to hire mercenaries....
    Dragon Crusade: train

    Dragon Crusade: deploy

    Dragon Crusade: deploy
    Deploy troops on missions. This may take time but the rewards are worth the effort....
    Dragon Crusade: deploy

    Dragon Crusade: quest

    Dragon Crusade: quest
    Complete quests as you play Dragon Crusade to earn rewards for your young civilization....
    Dragon Crusade: quest

Dragon Crusade is a fantasy MMORTS game from prolific online game developer Aeria Games. In the world of Dragon Crusade, there are various fantasy races struggling for power, and the only way to settle their differences is through war. You get to take control of a unique race -- Humans, Forest Elves, Azraen, Dark Elves, Dwarves or Magi – and lead them into battle with your fully customizable hero character. The strategy aspect comes into play when you have to produce armies that will form the bulk of your battle brigade. At the start of the game, you are provided with resources with which to begin constructing buildings. How you develop your buildings will determine what kind of creatures you can recruit. As a Human faction player, you can erect a junior barracks, which will give you access to Tier 1 to 3 units. Upgrading the barracks will unlock even more powerful creatures to fight at your bidding.

Planning is essential. What kind of buildings should I put up first? Is my army vulnerable to certain unit types? What can I do to shore up this weakness? Is my opponent producing more than me? These are questions you’ll constantly be asking when playing Dragon Crusade. Efficiently using your resources to recruit bigger, better armies should be your number one priority. But there is another equally important factor you should consider – your hero character. Heroes can and will decide the outcome of battles. Think of heroes as your ultimate super unit, which can be sent out to gather items, hunt for monsters, and lead your armies to victory. Deck out your heroes in the best armor, weapons, pets and mounts you can find. This will make them extra formidable when fighting wildlands and Demon cities. A successful assault will earn you experience and rare items.

Should you want to duke it out with other players, there a couple of ways to go about it. You can launch a city invasion and, if victorious, will net you the items stored in that city. It will also convert that city into your faction race. You can also create and join an Alliance to participate in all-out Alliance wars, wherein members of two competing Alliances duke it out until a winner emerges. It’s not all fun and games though. Each member in that Alliance is usually expected to donate gold and resources. This will give you unique Alliance bonuses. The donations will be spent to upgrade the level of the Alliance and its corresponding benefits to the members. In this sense, Dragon Crusade offers flexible commitment, since you can focus on a more straightforward PvE play or get more involved in a PvP Alliance.

By Rachel Rosen

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