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Dragon Awaken is a no download MMORPG developed and published by Game Hollywood and Proficient City. The game world is a fantasy realm. The story begins when a group of heroes is sent to slay a mighty dragon. The beast is defeated but its spirit and powers are transferred to one of the warriors. This is how the legendary dragon knight is born. Dragon Awaken players take the role of this warrior with draconic powers. They will set on a journey to unlock the full potential of their powers and to forge their destiny. Dragon Awaken gameplay has two main features: character development and dungeons. Players will find lots of unique ways to upgrade their characters. Each dungeon has different encounters and objectives.

The game has four classes but players aren't forced to stick to only one. Dragon Awaken is a free MMORPG that allows players to experience all combat styles and roles on one character. Players change class when they select another skill tree. Talents and skills are unlocked when leveling. Duelist, cleric, paladin and mystic are the four specializations or classes. The duelist is a DPS warrior armed with a mighty sword. Clerics have support and healing spells. Paladins can survive impressive amounts of damage. Mystics are wizards who use their spells to damage multiple enemies at a time. Dragon Awaken players recruit heroes and form an adventuring party. Each hero performs as a tank, damage dealer or healer in combat. There are lots of heroes available. The trick is to select the right ones for each encounter. The combat system is semi turn based. Besides heroes, players also control dragons. These beasts are valuable combat helpers as they're capable of ignoring enemies armor and dealing large amounts of damage. Dragons boost heroes attributes with their aura. Dragon Awaken has another system that increases stats. The astro system allows players to choose what stats they wish to use and upgrade.

PvE and PvP dungeons are available. Trial dungeons reward players with upgrade items. Hero dungeons are cleared when players manage to defeat the hero that guards the dungeon. Just like all MMORPG games, Dragon Awaken has multiplayer dungeons where groups of players team up against mobs and bosses. The arena or the PvP dungeon is the place that allows players to participate in 1 vs. 1 duels. Dragon Awaken also has faction PvP content. Players pick one of the two game factions and fight in various scenarios against players from the other alliance. The faction event is a one week long PvP war. The winning faction gets to control the Holy City. Dragon Awaken has fantasy inspired visual style and 3D graphics.

By Rachel Rosen

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