Divines of the East previews the Leaf Elf class

By Michael Jamias
divines of the east leaf elf class preview

The free no download mmorpg has released the third and final spotlight on its playable classes, this time featuring the wily Leaf Elf.

After unveiling the blessed Sword Saint and magical Eidolon classes, Divines of the East developer NGames rounds off its initial trio of starter classes with the support-oriented Leaf Elf.

The Leaf Elf calls on the power of nature to back up allies with buffs and heals, or brings on the earth's wrath on foes.

Skills that have been previewed so far include the Poison Ivy which deals damage every four seconds, and can prove to be devastating to enemy targets the longer the fight goes on. Defensively, the Leaf Elf uses skills like Flowers that heal allies that need it the most, and support spells like Blessing of the Wood God that cleanses the debuffs on allies.

The Leaf Elf is also prized for his wide utility, able to grant shields, inflict silences and providing outright stat boosts.

The Leaf Elf is arguably the best defensive class in Divines of the East, which launches this summer. The class should also prove invaluable to any team taking on the hardest challenges in the MMO.

Developers said that the breadth of Leaf Elf abilities make it an attractive option to strategy fans who want a complicated and fulfilling class to master, while also serving as a fantastic starter choice for newbies for its topnotch survivability when soloing.


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