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Divine Storm is a no download MMORPG created and published by Infiplay. When starting the game for the first time, players will be asked to choose a region, a server and a class. It's a good idea to choose the region according to the real location and the recommended server unless the player has friends playing on another server. The three Divine Storm class choices are: warrior, mage and ranger. Warriors are melee fighters armed with swords. Mages are magic practitioners who make use of spells. Rangers are ranged fighters whose favorite weapon is the bow. All new players start with just a few spells and abilities. More will be unlocked when they level up. XP is gained from Divine Storm activities.

Quests are the easiest way to obtain XP. Like most free MMORPG no download games, Divine Storm has pathfinding. This feature automatically walks the character to the quest location, performs quest related tasks and finds quest NPCs. The only thing players need to do is to claim rewards. Auto-play is another casual feature that allows players to get XP and rewards. Divine Storm has a built-in bot that gives players the chance to customize a character's behavior. It's possible to choose what monsters to kill and what abilities rotation to use. The bot will also pick up loot and equip item upgrades. Players use the bot when they cannot play by themselves. This is a convenient feature as players can quickly boost their characters and get ready for higher level content. Divine Storm has no initial character customization. Players can only choose from a male or female avatar when they create their character. Cosmetic customization option will be available later as players advance their characters and obtain more items. The customization system has six features: mounts, pets, outfits, relics, wings and avatars. Some items come in a set. A bonus is obtained by equipping seven items from the same set.

Pets and mounts increase a character's powers. Divine Storm has dungeons from which players can obtain pet items and cosmetic pet upgrades. First players need to get puzzle pet cards and then adventure into mystery dungeons to unlock pet styles. The stamp system is used to upgrade mounts. This system also uses items received from mystery instances. Hard instances are available for high level characters. Divine Storm is one of the browser MMO RPG games that have an optional client. Players can download the small launcher and enjoy a smoother game experience. There are also some rewards for those who opt to get the launcher. Divine Storm has fantasy themed graphics that create an enchanting game atmosphere.

By Rachel Rosen

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