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  • Dino Storm: character

    Dino Storm: character
    My character is ready to fight his way through the untamed west riding his dinosaur. She's a very... clever girl?...
    Dino Storm: character

    Dino Storm: feet

    Dino Storm: feet
    Follow these dino feet to work on your active quest....
    Dino Storm: feet

    Dino Storm: quest

    Dino Storm: quest
    Quests give rewards like experience and dino dollars. Make sure to grab and complete these missions whenever you find them....
    Dino Storm: quest

    Dino Storm: combat

    Dino Storm: combat
    Combat is fairly simple. Click on a monster, select attack, and you will begin autoattacking. From there, you can use active abili...
    Dino Storm: combat

Dino Storm Gameplay

Dino Storm Gameplay

Dino Storm is a free browser mmo with a unique theme, developed and published by Splitscreen Games. As funny as it may sound, Dino Storm is a game with cowboys and dinosaurs. Players start small with just a bit of cash, ammo and their trusted dinosaur. The ultimate Dino Storm objective is to become the sheriff of a town called Dinoville. Citizens of this small, peaceful town used to live an uneventful life. Troubles started when rich gold mines were found in Dinoville. Gold diggers and prospectors from all around the world started heading for Dinoville. Unfortunately, gold also attracted bandits and thieves. Prospectors and town inhabitants have to fight not just for their precious gold but also for their lifes.

Dino Storm rangers will have plenty of things to keep them occupied. Between fighting wild dinosaurs and bands of thieves, there is little time to catch a break. No one can adventure into the open world unprepared. Journeys are filled with danger and unexpected events and encounters. Luckily, rangers can group up and face Dino Storm mmo challenges together. Those who survive expeditions and mob encounters, have the chance of earning valuable loot. Dinoville has a lot of merchants and vendors that will happily pay a good price for all sorts of items. Being a Dino Storm ranger is not exactly a steady job but there are daily tasks that can be completed for some extra cash. Dinoville is full of outposts, camps or mines. Players can claim them and establish a little base. It’s obvious that these buildings will become the target of attacks from other players. The more buildings a player controls, the more fame and recognition he gains. Players can run for elections in Dinoville. Only top players with the most influence can become sheriffs. Having such a position comes with a series of benefits.

Players are encouraged to regularly check Dino Storm official website for news and announcements. The forums are a great way to share and find out more about Dino Storm. Guides, tips and strategies can be found there. One thing that cannot be overlooked about Dino Storm is the graphic style. Landscapes and character models are pretty goofy but very nice polished. It may take a little time to get used to seeing dinosaurs in a wild west setting though. If you are a fan of mmo browser games and you are tired of ancient Rome or Greek themes, then Dino Storm might catch your attention for a very long time. 

By Rachel Rosen


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