DDTank Update 5.1 to unload new guild battles and pet gear

By Michael Jamias
ddtank update 5 1 content

NGames has spilled the beans on its DDTank Update 5.1, and it's packed with conflict and cash shop wares.

DDTank Update 5.1 Treasure Map screenshot

The soon-to-arrive DDTank patch will pit players against each other in cutthroat guild battles every Saturday night. Every battle counts given the knockout style tournament rules, with mmorpg guilds vying for those important battle points. The guild with the most battle points at the end of each guild battle session will bring home the top rewards with consolation prizes trickling down to runner-ups.

The DDTank Update 5.1 content also includes fresh arsenal of pet equipment for purchase either through Beast Gems at the cash shop. If you don't want to spend dollars, then you can choose the grind path of completing a high-level treasure map for a chance at scoring the new pet weapons, hats and clothes.

New players will even have a shot at scoring rare pet gear. In the new update, NGames will start giving away a free treasure map for players who work hard enough to reach level 25 in the browser mmo shooter. Treasure maps are fiendishly hard to finish, requiring players to complete a set of complex puzzles and events. Even then the rewards are random, so don't be too sad when you don't get that pet equipment you're eyeing.


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