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ddtank 2 0 update dragon
All cannons in DDTank will start aiming towards the skies with the arrival of a monstrous dragon World Boss as part of the 2.0 content patch. The DDTank 2.0 update puts on a challenge countdown timer in the mmorpg -- every three hours, the World Boss dragon will be unleashed and all players on the same server can band together to vanquish the fire breathing behemoth. Once killed, the dragon respawns after one minute with more health and better ...
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Mar 23 2016
ddtank update 5 1 content
NGames has spilled the beans on its DDTank Update 5.1, and it's packed with conflict and cash shop wares.The soon-to-arrive DDTank patch will pit players against each other in cutthroat guild battles every Saturday night. Every battle counts given the knockout style tournament rules, with mmorpg guilds vying for those important battle points. The guild with the most battle points at the end of each guild battle session will bring home the top...
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Mar 27 2014