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  • DDTank: movement

    DDTank: movement
    Use arrow keys to move left and right. Up and down will change your aim....
    DDTank: movement

    DDTank: boom

    DDTank: boom
    Click and hold to increase the power of your shot. Let go to fire away. That guy never stood a chance....
    DDTank: boom

    DDTank: new

    DDTank: new
    Check your backpack to find new gear. Incoming better gun!...
    DDTank: new

    DDTank: better

    DDTank: better
    This mission has more monsters. And they move. Good thing we have that nice new weapon....
    DDTank: better
  • DDTank: mission

    DDTank: mission
    Complete missions to finish your quests, get gear, and other rewards....
    DDTank: mission

DDTank is a free shooter browser game primarily aimed at a female audience, but also has enough depth and mechanics to appeal to male players. DDTank is a side-scrolling combat game that uses similar mechanics and features to the Worms franchise. Players used either WASD or the arrow keys to play, moving around the game and selecting weapon trajectory and power. DDTank is displayed in very cute cartoon like graphics and is accompanied by some great sound effect and an inspiring soundtrack.

DDTank is completely skill-based, with players having to choose their moves wisely. It's turn based, with each turn being allotted 15 seconds. During their turn players can move their character, fire with their weapon, or hide from opponents. Players can also build up their Pow bar, which unlocks a special ability with their current weapon. These special abilities cause devastating damage and can easily turn the tide of battle. There are both PvP and PvE options available, allowing players to choose how they progress. This system works great for fans of the game that don't really enjoy the intense action of the PvP based  modes.  

Players get to choose the gender for their character. Once they're in DDTank world a number of other options are available. You can purchase dozens of clothing items from in-game stores, including everything from jackets and shirts to trousers and skirts. Players can also purchase and unlock a very large variety of weapons, from melee weapons such as hammers, to AK47 machine guns. Each weapon is effected differently by the wind and trajectory, and they all have their own set of damage stats. DDTank allows players to improve their favorite weapons by equipping a number of gems to any available slots.

By Rachel Rosen


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