Dawn of Darkness officially launches

By Michael Jamias
dawn of darkness official launch

The side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG Dawn of Darkness releases its US and Southeast Asia versions both on Facebook and the IGG.com gaming portal.

Developer IGG.com differentiates Dawn of Darkness from its other free browser games by infusing it with humor and laidback combat.

“Set in the fantasy world of Asland, players are thrown into a realm where the forces of evil known as the Shadow Devils seek to destroy a delicate balance that has existed for generations. Salvation comes as you unite with a team of heroes,” said IGG.com in a release.

The turn-based combat system is “simple to learn and master,” the developer added, which should make it easier for even casual gamers to get a handle on the controls and tactics.

Customization was also given a strong focus in Dawn of Darkness. Players have access to multiple battle formations and enhancement systems which promote flexibility, said IGG.com, with a variety of ally classes ready to help you complete quests.

“Customize a team to match your needs, marvel at amazing combat effects, and perfect battle strategies,” said IGG.com.

European fans though will have to wait for some time before Dawn of Darkness arrives. It is “coming soon, according to IGG.com, but gave no specific timeframe on a release date.


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