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  • Dawn of Darkness: classes

    Dawn of Darkness: classes
    Characters in Dawn of Darkness certern around physical combat. You can choose between melee, stealth or ranged style classes....
    Dawn of Darkness: classes

    Dawn of Darkness: quest

    Dawn of Darkness: quest
    Dawn of Darkness uses autopathing for most quests. Click on your quest log to run to the next step....
    Dawn of Darkness: quest

    Dawn of Darkness: combat

    Dawn of Darkness: combat
    Combat in Dawn of Darkness is turn based. You do not control your character during a fight so always make sure to be ready!...
    Dawn of Darkness: combat

    Dawn of Darkness: formation

    Dawn of Darkness: formation
    Formations are one of the main forms of control and tactics in the game. Setup yourself and your allies in the best way to win a f...
    Dawn of Darkness: formation

Dawn of Darkness Gameplay

Dawn of Darkness Gameplay

Dawn of Darkness, developed and published by IGG, is a no download MMORPG with a fantasy theme. Adventures happen in a fictional world under the demonic threat of evil Shadow Devils. In these hard times, an alliance of nations was formed to oppose the dark forces. The gem system is one of the most interesting Dawn of Darkness features. This allows players to customize their heroes and strengthen their abilities. There are more types of gems. Each type of gem increases one stat. Dawn of Darkness gems can be leveled.

There are 6 Dawn of Darkness character models to choose from, three males and three females. Each character has a different fighting style. The Barbarian is a melee warrior with great strength and defense. Dawn of Darkness Hunters keep their enemies at distance using bows and arrows. Rogues prefer to hide in the shadows and hit their unsuspecting targets. Each Dawn of Darkness class has primary and secondary stats. The main stats are strength, dexterity and intelligence. Characters can equip weapons and accessories. Besides main characters, players can also hire heroes to fight for them. There are 16 available Dawn of Darkness heroes. Each has its own specialization and distinctive traits. The gem feature is used to boost a hero’s performance. Each type of Dawn of Darkness hero has a preferred gem type. Your main character will advance by completing quests. Dawn of Darkness has an auto pathing feature that makes questing really easy. There are story quests and daily quests. Arena is the place where Dawn of Darkness MMORPG players test their skills against each other. Players get ranks. Each new Dawn of Darkness rank rewards players with reputation and silver (in game money). Reputation is important because some Dawn of Darkness factions will allow you to recruit their heroes only if you have a certain reputation level with them.

Combat is one of Dawn of Darkness best features. In order to win, players must carefully position their heroes in a proper battle formation. There are 8 Dawn of Darkness battle formations. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Gold is Dawn of Darkness premium currency. It can be bought from the game shop but also received as a reward from completing in game objectives. Vouchers are a type of Dawn of Darkness currency obtained by taking part in events. There are 5 Dawn of Darkness chat channels allowing players to keep in touch at any time. Guilds can be formed. Dawn of Darkness plays like a side scrolling RPG. Although, Dawn of Darkness isn’t a 3D browser MMO, the graphic style is pretty nice and eye pleasing.

By Rachel Rosen


Dawn of Darkness officially launches

The side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG Dawn of Darkness releases its US and Southeast Asia versions both on Facebook and the IGG.com...
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