DarkOrbit Reloaded launches as sci-fi action mmo

By Michael Jamias
darkorbit reloaded launches

DarkOrbit Reloaded is now live, and promises to be a sleeker and more immersive sci-fi action mmo than its predecessor.

The original DarkOrbit was released back in 2006, and fans who have been playing it should find DarkOrbit Reloaded much improved. To celebrate the game's release, BigPoint has dropped this DarkOrbit Reloaded official trailer:

“We took valuable feedback from the community and used it to hone this game into a captivating experience for everyone, which meant in some cases fundamental rethinking the game’s core systems, which is also fair for pay-players and non-payers alike," said Jonathan Lindsay, Producer for DarkOrbit Reloaded.

DarkOrbit Reloaded is sleeker by using newer visual technologies and higher-resolution graphics, and refinements made from years of feedback from original DarkOrbit fans.

In terms of immersion, developers are offering more than 200 new missions in DarkOrbit Reloaded and an expansive sci-fi storyline.

There are also new maps and new faction characters to explore and meet, respectively, giving veterans a reason to strike out a new interstellar adventure and newbies what could be their first compelling browser mmo gaming experience.

Developers assured that after the DarkOrbit Reloaded launch, fans will continue to be consulted to roll out better features and improve the game in general.

"We are prototyping with some new technologies that will enable us to do some very exciting things in the future. Watch this space – excuse the pun," said Lindsay.


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