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  • Darkorbit: corporations

    Darkorbit: corporations
    Choose from one of 3 corporations to work for when creating your Dark Orbit account....
    Darkorbit: corporations

    Darkorbit: collect

    Darkorbit: collect
    Click to collect resources which are used throughout the game and as quest objectives....
    Darkorbit: collect

    Darkorbit: Customization

    Darkorbit: Customization
    Customize your character and your ship....
    Darkorbit: Customization

    Darkorbit: explosion

    Darkorbit: explosion
    All science fiction games need explosions in combat....
    Darkorbit: explosion

DarkOrbit - First Look

DarkOrbit - First Look

DarkOrbit is a futuristic space themed MMORPG published by popular browser games developers, Bigpoint. It was released in December 2006 and has since tallied over 60 million registered accounts and over 5 million regularly active players. After a player creates their account they get to select from 1 of the 3 mining factions in the game. Be sure to select the same one as your friends as this is the side you will represent in PvP. The game features basic PvE quests, such as killing X amount of enemies or going to X place to collect certain items, but the real action, is in the PvP.

As with the majority of Bigpoint's games, DarkOrbit is heavily PvP based. The game features 3 mining factions, which represent the 3 warring groups in PvP. The majority of the game (over 30 unique maps and zones) all supports open PvP combat, certain zones and maps are considered to be newbie friendly but you don't have to venture far before it becomes a dog eat dog galaxy. The combat is all real-time, players must choose a target and then select whether to attack with lasers or rockets. Different weapons and ammo types contribute to the overall damage, with the rarer items costing premium currency. It's advised that players save their strongest ammo and weapons for PvP duels instead of using them on NPC battles.

Another exciting aspect to DarkOrbit is the monthly cash prize competitions. Throughout the month players can accumulate Jackpot Points, these points tally towards their jackpot total which is converted to a cash prize should they win. Each month Bigpoint hosts a complete free for all PvP battle, with everyone allowed to participate. The winning ship has their Jackpot Points converted into dollars as their prize, the cap is 10,000 Jackpot Points, so it's easily enough for a highly skilled player to make a nice income from.

By Rachel Rosen


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