Dark Expanse braces for the Logorasch Invasion

By Michael Jamias
dark expanse logorasch invasion event

The Dark Expanse enters a tense moment in intergalactic history as the Logorasch tries to subjugate all known solar systems.

Developers will be unleashing the Logorasch Invasion event on January 24, and the space-themed free no download mmorpg will see a massive invasion from the desperate Logorasch race. Having exhausted the space and resources in their home worlds, the Logorasch are determined to conquer new worlds in the known Dark Expanse galaxy.

"The Logorasch, due to rapid population growth, overcrowding, and a lack of resources, will abandon their planets and seek to invade a new homeland," said developers.

The Logorasch Invasion will last for ten days and players will need to put on a valiant defense if they are to keep their planets safe from this aggressive threat.

Strategy MMORPG fans will have to build up a strong fleet of spaceships that can withstand the brutal attacks from the Logorasch.

More cutthroat players will take this time of havoc to capture other players' solar systems, while allies can send aid to each other.

Both the casual-paced Andromeda galaxy and more hardcore Black Eye 4X speed galaxy will be targeted by the Logorasch, so be prepared to face this new galactic menace.


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