Dark Expanse adds the easygoing Andromeda 4 galaxy

By Michael Jamias
dark expanse andromeda 4 galaxy

Chill out in the new Andromeda 4 galaxy instance, specifically made for laidback casuals in mind.

With its more relaxed style of play, the Andromeda galaxy is the ideal place for new Dark Expanse players to learn the game slowly but surely. It goes live tomorrow, September 28. Veterans can also settle on the Andromeda 4 galaxy if they want to play some interstellar empire-building without the constant threat of territory conflict.

Dark Expanse is just one of those browser games that become a super competitive arms race, with players frantically trying to defend and conquer territories. In Andromeda 4, the pace has been toned so you can savor the game in a more leisurely way.

The mildly paced Andromeda Galaxy is in stark contrast to the Black Eye Galaxy, which offers the space strategy MMO in an intense 4x speed setting for those who want a true adrenaline rush.

The Dark Expanse universe is also getting a new sedition mission. Rogue Black Ops teams are plotting to overthrow the planetary government, and it's up to you to decide whether you help them achieve their rebellious goals or alert the planetary security so they can be stopped dead in their tracks.


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