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dark expanse convoy intercept event
Will you do absolutely anything to earn more resources for your growing Dark Expanse mmorpg empire? Then it's time to put on your space pirate cap and start raiding convoy fleets in the coming week.The Dark Expanse Convoy Intercept event began over the weekend and will run for the remainder of the week until Sunday, November 8. Numerous convey fleets will be traveling through galactic space and will be ripe for the raiding for those with the...
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Nov 02 2015
dark expanse gonzo experience event
Dark Expanse players looking to catch up in the rts browser mmo should slot in a gaming marathon schedule from July 19 to July 28 to coincide with the Dark Expanse Gonzo Experience Event, which grants double Victory Points, Resource Generation and Prestige.Of these, doubling gains for the latter two should be particularly beneficial for beginners that are just getting into the swing of establishing their first planetary base. It's not every d...
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Jul 14 2014
dark expanse logorasch invasion event
The Dark Expanse enters a tense moment in intergalactic history as the Logorasch tries to subjugate all known solar systems. Developers will be unleashing the Logorasch Invasion event on January 24, and the space-themed free no download mmorpg will see a massive invasion from the desperate Logorasch race. Having exhausted the space and resources in their home worlds, the Logorasch are determined to conquer new worlds in the known Dark Expanse ga...
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Jan 22 2014
dark expanse andromeda 4 galaxy
Chill out in the new Andromeda 4 galaxy instance, specifically made for laidback casuals in mind. With its more relaxed style of play, the Andromeda galaxy is the ideal place for new Dark Expanse players to learn the game slowly but surely. It goes live tomorrow, September 28. Veterans can also settle on the Andromeda 4 galaxy if they want to play some interstellar empire-building without the constant threat of territory conflict. Dark Expanse ...
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Sep 27 2013