Cyber Monster gets catty with new arena and duel systems

By Michael Jamias
cyber monster arena duel

Starting at level 20, Cyber Monster players will be able to challenge each other in exciting arena fights and casual duels.

Top-ranked arena fighters stand to gain special costume prizes daily, as well as heaps of gold and crystals.

“In the Arena, players are able to challenge the top players in Cyber Monster. The top ranked players at 10pm each day will receive some spectacular prizes; the winner receives the incredible Angel Fashion. Players ranked 2nd to 10th also receive prizes – Cool Suits,” said developer NGames.

Consolation gold rewards will also be handed out commensurate to rank and level in the no download mmorpg, which should encourage participation.

Meanwhile, while duel masters can accumulate the waistband of their fallen opponents and flaunt it as spoils of war. NGames also encourages defeated foes to take revenge in the browser mmo through a credit reward system.

“If you take another player’s waistband, they can challenge you to a rematch to fight to reclaim their waistband and their honor. If they are successful in their challenge, not only will they win their waistband back, but also some of your credits,” said NGames.

Along with the Arena system, Cyber Monster is also launching a new Slave system, which allows mmorpg fans to play out their slave fantasies. Slaves can be captured, dispatched and abandoned, but be careful. Slaves can choose to obey their masters or rebel against them.

Cyber Monster is currently in beta.


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