Cyber Monster 2 signet system and Star Rank instances revealed

By Michael Jamias
cyber monster 2 signet star rank

Cyber Monster 2 will import the signet system from the original with upgrades, and impose challenging Star Rank instances.

Publisher NGames revealed that the sequel mmorpg will carry over the signet system from Cyber Monster, but this time around it will have "significantly improved" balance, a better interface for easier ability management.

Cyber Monster 2 signets will still function the same, serving to character and pet special abilities. There will be five ways to obtain signets in Cyber Monster 2: Redemption, finding them in special signet boxes, synthesis, the seal method or quick seal method. Fans who want the most powerful signets will have to work hard for them by synthesising lower signets to create higher-level ones.

The Cyber Monster sequel also plans to run a new Star Rank instance system, which NGames cautioned will pose tougher challenges but higher rewards for all three major classes.

Star Rank instances will be accessible for level 34+ characters. An instance can be opened by using shard, but the publisher has not yet revealed how exactly a shard can be obtained. Rewards will be handed out based on performance as well as the difficulty level of the chosen dungeon.

Cyber Monster 2 plans to put a fresh spin to this seemingly straightforward mmo dungeon system through the a 'mop up' incentive feature. Players who attempt to quickly finish the instance once every two hours will get prizes, including rare red signets that can be used to redeem special pet signets -- a sure incentive for fans that plan to live and breathe Cyber Monster 2 when the browser mmo releases.


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