Cyber Monster sequel MMO announced

By Michael Jamias
cyber monster 2 sequel mmo

Cyber Monster 2 will take place centuries after the events of the original Cyber Monster.

Cyber Monster 2 will have improved game systems and vibrant new graphics that should top the browser mmo gaming experience offered in the original, according to mmo publisher NGames.

NGames also unveiled the lore behind Cyber Monster 2. Players will take on the role of a Dragon Slayer who will save the kingdom from the arrival of dragons.

Centuries after the defeat of the Shadow Dragon, these flying harbingers of destruction and terror threaten the very existence of the Nezor continent.

When players begin their adventure in Cyber Monster 2, the dragons have already wrought enough damage to unify the land against them. Entire cities have fallen to their attacks, and valiant heroes like General Terrell have died defending the land.

Player heroes will now need to defend the surviving portions of the continent, led by the capital, Eternal City, against the dragon menace. Thankfully, the mortal world will receive help from the Light Altar angels who will bestow their divine blessings to heroes to help them transform into powerful Dragon Slayers who will stand up against the encroaching dragons and demons.

Cyber Monster 2 is being developed for the online games portal, and will operate separately from the original Cyber Monster.


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