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cyber monster 2 signet star rank
Cyber Monster 2 will import the signet system from the original with upgrades, and impose challenging Star Rank instances. Publisher NGames revealed that the sequel mmorpg will carry over the signet system from Cyber Monster, but this time around it will have "significantly improved" balance, a better interface for easier ability management. Cyber Monster 2 signets will still function the same, serving to character and pet special abilities. Th...
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Aug 08 2013
cyber monster 2 sequel mmo
Cyber Monster 2 will take place centuries after the events of the original Cyber Monster. Cyber Monster 2 will have improved game systems and vibrant new graphics that should top the browser mmo gaming experience offered in the original, according to mmo publisher NGames. NGames also unveiled the lore behind Cyber Monster 2. Players will take on the role of a Dragon Slayer who will save the kingdom from the arrival of dragons. C...
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Jul 17 2013
Cyber Monster II Reveals Its Major Classes
Cyber Monster II - New World Awaits, upcoming Sequel to the broswer MMO Cyber Monster, has recently revealed its three major classes. First up is the Warrior, which sounds like it will be the DPS class with skills like "Bladestorm" and "Cruel Swordsmanship." Of course, they do come equipped with some defensive skills in their toolbelts. An official press release claims: "Although Warriors take the brunt force of enemy advances; they can use pass...
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Jul 23 2013
cyber monster arena duel
Starting at level 20, Cyber Monster players will be able to challenge each other in exciting arena fights and casual duels. Top-ranked arena fighters stand to gain special costume prizes daily, as well as heaps of gold and crystals. “In the Arena, players are able to challenge the top players in Cyber Monster. The top ranked players at 10pm each day will receive some spectacular prizes; the winner receives the incredible Angel Fashion. Players ...
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Oct 26 2012