Cyber Monster 2 open beta commences

By Michael Jamias
cyber monster 2 open beta start

Just a short week after its closed beta began, Cyber Monster 2 is now hosting a full-on public open beta.

Developer NGames wasted no time offering Cyber Monster 2 to the general gamer population after the title's closed beta run saw more than 40,000 sign-ups and 1,200 concurrent players during its peak times.

NGames said fans particularly liked the MMO sequel's "deeper emphasis on collecting pets and new systems to use them."

Together with the Cyber Monster 2 open beta launch, the developer also shared details on some major features making their way to the free no download mmorpg.

Players can look forward to unveiling the mysteries of the devil-infested Mist Land. Players must rid the devils rampaging in this hellish new world, and help free the kingdom of Tristram from demonic control. The mission does not stop with the purge though, as players will need to keep a constant garrison of the city with a strong pet to prevent the devils from returning with a vengeance.

There is also a new gem system in the works, which will allow players to modify the training and breeding process for pets, and will replace previous clunkier systems. "The new gem system gives players more control over how they enhance their pet skills, with tons of combinations available to suit any strategy and style," explained NGames.

Players can collect two gem varieties -- stat-boosting Attribute Gems and defense-raising Resistance Gems -- throughout Mist Land, and bestow up to six gems to each pet to customize and maximize their fighting potential.


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