Cyber Monster 2 launches worldwide

By Michael Jamias
cyber monster 2 launches

Taking place hundreds of years after the original, Cyber Monster 2 promises to be a bigger and visually better game.

The newly released browser mmo is available to download and play for the PC, and can also be played via Facebook.

Cyber Monster 2 officially launches just one year after its predecessor, so you might be asking: "What's so good about this sequel?"

Cyber Monster 2 players will find themselves fending off the return of dragons which are seeking to return to power and rule the world under their ruthless grip.

Developer Ngames promised better graphics and faster battles. Team fights have also been made more exciting with a so-called Dynamic Combat system. When a group of adventurers has more than five players or four pets in battle, the Dynamic Combat mode is activated and allows for real-time combat leading to combo and bonus attacks. This gives a great incentive for MMO soloers to group up and make XP grinds and quest completions that much easier to do.

On top of the new Cyber Monster features, Ngames has also ported over popular features from the original to Cyber Monster 2. This includes the Mark of Fate invitation system that rewards players who invite their real world friends to join them in the game.


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