Cyber Monster 2 closed beta is now live

By Michael Jamias
cyber monster 2 closed beta start

Cyber Monster 2, the sequel mmorpg to Cyber Monster, has just entered its first limited closed beta.

Lasting until August 25, or just a short four days, this initial Cyber Monster 2 closed beta will prioritize fans that have played the original free online rpg.

Cyber Monster veterans -- as well those from Tamer Saga -- will be allowed to sign up for the closed beta and will also receiving a participation luxury gift pack.

Aside from the priority and prize perks, developer NGames is making the closed beta a bit more enticing by allowing all data to be stored for the next test. So yes, all rare items and pets collected throughout the closed beta will carry over to the next testing phase, which as of now though has not been scheduled.

Closed beta testers will even receive 500 crystals, an in-game currency, for successfully finding and reporting bugs via the game's forums. The player who finds the most bugs during the four-day closed beta session gets an additional 500 crystals.

But the ultimate incentive during the closed beta is to collect the most "force" because it will net the player a whopping 3,000 crystals, and the privilege of using the name of the character as the server name -- which is a rare bragging right even in the fanservice-filled world of browser games.


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