Cyber Monster 2 News

cyber monster 2 launches
Taking place hundreds of years after the original, Cyber Monster 2 promises to be a bigger and visually better game. The newly released browser mmo is available to download and play for the PC, and can also be played via Facebook. Cyber Monster 2 officially launches just one year after its predecessor, so you might be asking: "What's so good about this sequel?" Cyber Monster 2 players will find themselves fending off the return of dragons whic...
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Sep 11 2013
cyber monster 2 open beta start
Just a short week after its closed beta began, Cyber Monster 2 is now hosting a full-on public open beta. Developer NGames wasted no time offering Cyber Monster 2 to the general gamer population after the title's closed beta run saw more than 40,000 sign-ups and 1,200 concurrent players during its peak times. NGames said fans particularly liked the MMO sequel's "deeper emphasis on collecting pets and new systems to use them." Together with the...
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Aug 28 2013
cyber monster 2 closed beta start
Cyber Monster 2, the sequel mmorpg to Cyber Monster, has just entered its first limited closed beta. Lasting until August 25, or just a short four days, this initial Cyber Monster 2 closed beta will prioritize fans that have played the original free online rpg. Cyber Monster veterans -- as well those from Tamer Saga -- will be allowed to sign up for the closed beta and will also receiving a participation luxury gift pack. Aside from the priori...
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Aug 22 2013