Cultures Online Unleashes Multiplayer Dungeons

By Michael Jamias
cultures online multiplayer dungeons

Cultures Online is coming out with a new update that pits the gods of antiquity against all tribes, forcing them to work together in hunting monsters.

Up until this update, Cultures Online has only allowed single player dungeons with heroes taking on formidable monsters all on their own. As tougher monsters crash in with the new update, Viking heroes of this browser mmo must shed their solo mentality and group up for greater rewards.

Developer gamigo also announced that the level cap will be raised to 149 in the new update. That’s not to say that the update will be catering only endgame players of the MMORPG. Other lower-level areas of the game world will evolve.

“There are some weird beings lurking around the Bermuda Triangle,” teased gamigo. “There’s also a new colony there for level 140+.”

For levels 120-139, “The Burial Chambers of Tochpan” on Cuba is now open for archaeological exploration. At level 50, there will be also be 20 new quest locations available all over the world.

Other fans of the no download mmorpg, from achievement freaks to mission runners to PvP gladiators, should look forward to new achievements for working time, random and story missions, and PvP wins.

Stay tuned when gamigo announces when this sprawling update will go live.


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