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  • Cultures Online: culture

    Cultures Online: culture
    Asians vs Vikings? Let's go!...
    Cultures Online: culture

    Cultures Online: building

    Cultures Online: building
    Build on empty tiles and upgrade your buildings to progress your civilization....
    Cultures Online: building

    Cultures Online: hero

    Cultures Online: hero
    Heroes lead missions. These fights take time to travel to but give rewards....
    Cultures Online: hero

    Cultures Online: research

    Cultures Online: research
    Once the university is up and running, start researching new technologies....
    Cultures Online: research

Cultures Online is a viking themed, browser MMO RTS game published by the popular gaming portal, Gamigo. Players take on the role of a heroic viking, attempting to build up their viking village while leveling up and increasing their stats. You get to choose from 3 different weapon wielding vikings, which determines your class. Warriors are given to those that prefer the sword and board approach, players that choose the huge 2H weapons are given the Berserker class and those that choose long range weapons will be given a Ranger. Each class has its own abilities and progression paths and can aid your army in their own unique way. As players level their viking they're awarded attribute points that get automatically distributed to different stats depending on your class. However, those who want more control over how their viking progresses can choose to send them on material harvesting missions that boost one specific attribute, allowing Berserkers to specialize in mining for strength, as an example.

An interesting aspect to Cultures Online is the tribe system. Although this system shares many similarities with other MMO guild systems, it does have one defining aspect which allows Tribes to have their own island. Players can form Tribes for extra security, more socializing, and a bigger challenge having to maintain and protect an entire island of players.

Cultures Online also includes a randomly generated quest system. Players can find NPCs with an icon above their head that indicates they have an available quest, you can then accept that quest to begin. As the quests are randomly generated, there's always a new challenge or a nice reward waiting. There are also other types of quest such as the main story quest that allows players to earn some great rewards as well as unlocking extra regions across Cultures Online world.

By Rachel Rosen


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Cultures Online is coming out with a new update that pits the gods of antiquity against all tribes, forcing them to work together ...
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