Crystal Saga $10 Sign-up Reward

crystal saga 10 sign up reward

crystal saga 10 sign up reward

To celebrate the release of ZQGame's first Crystal Saga server, Nepenthor, a $10 gift package awaits ALL new players upon registration.

Don't miss out on these premium content give-aways:

  • 1 Hour AFK Card (Bound) x1
  • 2x EXP Token (Bound) x3
  • 2x Offline EXP Token x2
  • Heroic Wings x3
  • Health Orb (Bound) x1
  • Pet Health Orb (Bound) x1
  • Baby Angel Egg (Bound) x1
  • Baby Demon Egg (Bound) x1
  • Green Dragon Coinx1
  • Mount Upgrade 


Enter the mystical world of Vidalia! Tame your pet, refine your skills, and embark on a journey to discover the legendary fragments of the Crystal of Life.

Click HERE to register and claim your reward.


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