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  • Crystal Saga: classes

    Crystal Saga: classes
    Choose from 1 of 5 available classes in Crystal Saga....
    Crystal Saga: classes

    Crystal Saga: skills

    Crystal Saga: skills
    Customize and upgrade characters with the skill tree....
    Crystal Saga: skills

    Crystal Saga: pets

    Crystal Saga: pets
    Players can tame and use pets beginning at level 10. These pets help with combat and can be customized by using stat points when t...
    Crystal Saga: pets

    Crystal Saga: combat

    Crystal Saga: combat
    Crystal Saga has click to move, auto tracking, and quick bar skills. Watch out for elite monsters by looking for the swirling blue...
    Crystal Saga: combat

Crystal Saga Gameplay First Look - HD

Crystal Saga Gameplay First Look - HD

Crystal Saga is a free to play, anime inspired no download MMORPG. Crystal Saga is home to a great selection of features, including a large variety of classes, extensive character customization and a plethora of other features such as a unique combat and in-depth questing system.

Crystal Saga offers players 5 unique classes to choose from, Knight, Rogue, Priest, Ranger and Mage. Each class has the option of changing equipment and abilities to fulfill 1 of 2 roles, such as  Knight being able to both tank and melee DPS. Characters can all be customized at the beginning of the game by allowing players to edit various features such as eye color and hair style. Characters can also be customized as you progress through Crystal Saga, gaining levels and unlocking new items of clothing and weapons.

One of the most defining features of Crystal Saga is the critically acclaimed pet system. Once players reach level 10, they gain access to Monster Island, an island full of deadly monsters that players can tame to be their pets. Pets start as a baby, given a variety of unique systems such as stats, maturity and growth potential. As you play alongside your pet and earn experience points, they will increase in level, unlock more abilities and even morph into a new pet.

Another great feature to Crystal Saga is the wings feature. Once players reach a certain level they must complete a difficult quest in order to get their wings. Sadly they don't let you fly, but like unique auras and other effects, they do make your character look really cool.

Crystal Saga also includes a unique Soul system that players unlock once they reach level 30. The Soul system provides 2 unique features to Crystal Saga, an aura system and a specialized ability system. Once you've reached level 30, you earn Soul Points by completing quests and performing other tasks, once you reach certain amounts of Soul your character is rewarded with a unique aura. There's also a variety of skills that can be learned from the Soul system, using a sphere grid type approach similar to that of Final Fantasy X.

By Rachel Rosen




Crystal Saga is a fantasy rpg and browser game with anime-style graphics. Players start the character creation screen by choosing from five classes – Knight, Mage, Priest, Ranger and Rogue – each with a distinct look for a male or female avatar.

Crystal Saga character creation

Unlike other mmorpg games though, Crystal Saga does not allow you to customize the facial shape, skin color or even body size and shape of your avatar. I was instead asked to choose from five portraits which represent five pre-set avatars.

Crystal Saga avatars are also restricted when it comes to how their armor can be customized. Only a few slot pieces such as body armor and wings will affect the look of your avatar, compared to other games where swapping in a boot or a shoulder item will alter the corresponding gear appearance.

I ran into plenty of identical-looking avatars. Some rpg fans who want to design and dress up their characters in a unique way will be understandably put off by the lack of traditional appearance customization options. To its credit, the game does offer a commendable array of wings, mounts and pets that can help players set their avatars apart from the rest.

Crystal Saga community

Crystal Saga has a very charming and colorful art style that is suitable for players of all ages. There is clear cohesion on where the developers wanted to take the game – deep into unapologetically cute and adorable territory. I was disappointed though that the map environments were given less consideration. Some are very small in size; some maps take less than 30 seconds to travel from one end of the map to another, which makes the game feel like an MMO and more like a handheld game. Battlefields feel very cramped with all the monsters, players, pets and mounts all clumped in your screen.

The UI is clear and readable and quite flashy in design. It provides a lot of useful information for players who want to know everything there is to know about their character, pets, items and mounts. It would have been sweet though to have an option to hide some of the more superfluous details to ease the visual clutter.


Crystal Saga serenades with an uplifting musical score. Background tracks, which change depending on the zone, are short and sweet and are pleasant enough to be kept on for most of the game. The sound effects though can be rough to the ears. Luckily, you can retain the soothing background music while turning off the battle effects using the sound effects options. Overall, the beats were quite relaxing and made me feel like I was on a tropical retreat.


Crystal Saga slowly unfolds the story through a main storyline. I appreciated the fact that the game identified that a quest was part of the main plot, since it allowed me to focus on that instead of the optional side quests since I wanted to get a feel of the world and where my character fit in. A lot of games do the opposite and try to make the main story this sort of mystery that you have to unravel, which backfires when a lot of casuals just find it too much of a bother.

But in Crystal Story, the main story is front and center and rewards some of the best and easiest leveling XP in the game; I reached level 20 in two hours or so just chaining the main story, which starts with you as a reborn hero seeking to chat with the Goddess to know your true purpose for being brought into the world of Vidalia.

If there’s one criticism that can be charged against Crystal Saga, its questing system is too linear. There is no room for player input. Everything goes step-by-step with no diverging paths. This reduces the appeal of replaying the game with a new character, especially since no matter what class you chose, you begin in the same starting area and embark on the same main story.


Crystal Saga is very quest-heavy in the beginning, eventually branching out to dungeons and PvP. Movement is made through pointing-and-clicking with the mouse (No WASD), but most of the time instead of clicking on the map you click on the menu to your chosen destination.

Crystal Saga Quests

Want to head to the next quest NPC? Click on his name on the quest bar and your character will automatically move towards him. I liken it to a GPS system that almost made me feel guilty for not having to click my way to the next location.

Automation is a recurring theme in Crystal Saga, for that matter. There is even a built-in AFK system that allows you to program your avatar to fight mobs and farm materials while you are offline.

Crystal Saga AFK mode

Sanctioned botting? Yup, basically.  Even healing and mana restoration can be automated. There are items that replenish your health when it goes below a certain threshold, which removes another combat worry from your mind.

Combat is also mainly auto-attack with a few splashes of skills. Due to the way the combat map was designed, players will rarely have to consider positioning or distance to do well in combat. Most of the time it’s just click on the target, cast additional spells when needed, and wait for the mob to die then loot. Mobs spawn instantaneously so you can even just stand in one spawn spot and repeatedly kill mobs as you please.

All combined, it made for a surreal experience. While other games try their best to discourage or even punish fans who shortcut their way to success, Crystal Saga embraces the practice and even gives players the tools to do it. And the strange part about it is that it rarely felt insulting to my intelligence; the developers simply acknowledge that why would you spend all that time clicking from one map to the end, or lose your life away to grinding when these can be automated with proper limits?

One unpleasant effect though of all the automation pampering is that the game can feel a bit robotic. Like you’re just going through the motions to level up as fast as possible, and get those shiny pets and mounts that can be displayed proudly in town.

Crystal Saga automation

This is a shame because there are some novel concepts in Crystal Saga that are worth taking time to scrutinize such as the pet and mount development systems.

Crystal Saga is free browser game, but it also has subscription options and a microtransaction store. There is a strong nudge to avail these, but not so much as to be too distracting. Of course this is relative. I for one am not bothered when opening my backpack reveals a sidebar of cash shop suggestions. There are definitely worse offenders in this aspect.

Cash shop currencies consist of Crystal, Coupons and Coin. Crystal is acquired mainly through a cash payment, while coupons and coin can be earned in-game. These are then exchanged or spent for gear, rare pets and mounts, gem upgrades and more.

Unique Fun Factor

Three things actually: pets, mounts and souls. Crystal Saga was ambitious enough to include separate development systems for your character and his or her minions. Starting at level 30, characters will unlock the Soul Skills which can be developed to improve corresponding stat attributes. Players need to think about what their desired role will be in the game and plan accordingly. In the same vein, pets and mounts can be upgraded to more powerful versions.

Crystal Saga Pets

This might require some cash spending via the cash shop, but it is a fun and fleshed out system that should be worth the few dollars you put into it since evolved pets and mounts provide better stats and a cooler look to your character.


Convenient built-in AFK Mode for farming items and equipment
Questing offers automated GPS-like functions
Deep item and character development system


UI and maps can look quite cluttered
Shallow combat physics; positioning and distance rarely impact fights
No avatar customization during character creation


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