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Copia is a free browser game developed and published by R2Games. The gameplay is a mix of multiple genres. There are features like the character system that remind of free MMORPG no download titles but also strategic systems found in card games. Copia adventures take place in the fantasy world of Landea. A great hero once banished the demons and their leader, Nazlan, from these lands. The demons now return but, unfortunately, Landea's champion is still missing. Players have no other choice than to fight Nazlan and his minions in order to protect their home village and the entire continent. Their mission is to gather relics from all over the realm. Copia players will first need to create a game character.

There are four class choices. Players can explore the world as a mighty warrior, cast devastating spells as a mage, take down their enemies from a distance as rangers or annihilate all who stand in their way as destroyers. No matter of the chosen class, all Copia heroes are able to progress and become stronger thanks to the character development system. This system is seen in many MMORPG games. Players complete tasks, quests, dungeons and such to earn XP and to level up. When certain levels are reached, new skills become available. New Copia players are advised to stick to questing in the beginning. They will obtain lots of XP and items that will help them complete more challenging content. Main quests offer tons of XP and daily quests provide an additional way to get rewards. Instances are on the features list as well. Players consume a resource called stamina each time they enter an instance. Stamina is automatically replenished over time. Premium stamina recharging options are also available. A character's power is measured in levels and might. When Copia characters gain new levels they unlock new skills, better equipment and access to more features. Might measures a hero's combat strength. Players with better might attribute have a higher chance of defeating the opponent but there are other elements that come into play when determining the winner. Players must learn how to properly use their skills, cards and formations.

Players interact by joining a guild and by competing against each other. Level 20 Copia players are free to start their own guild. Exclusive guild content such as guild boss encounters become available when players join a guild. Copia features PvP and a ranking system. Players get attribute and XP boosts based on their ranks. This free no download MMORPG allows players to use beasts as combat allies. It is a very powerful summoning skill and it can be used only once per fight. Copia has cute graphics and nice visuals.

By Rachel Rosen

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