Conquer X2 launches in Europe

By Michael Jamias
conquer x2 europe launch

The space simulation no download mmorpg begins its European invasion.

Having already launched in Asia, Conquer X2 decided to expand its reach to Europe with a full launch after running an extensive closed beta.

Conquer X2 should appeal to space empire-building fans who want to command huge intergalactic armies and participate in explosive tactical fleet battles in the newly created Andromeda galaxy server.

To celebrate the Conquer X2 European launch, publisher OnNet Europe has also organized gadget reward events. Players stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone by creating a character and participating in the launch festivities.

Conquer X2 players act as an emperor who oversees the construction of whole planets and massive fleets in what is basically an intergalactic colonization war game.

Players can choose to build from 12 different types of vessels and command them in bloody battles for control of whole galaxies.

Of course, war is not the only recourse. More diplomatic emperors who want to flex their negotiation skills can use the trade system to settle disputes, and build a peacefully flourishing empire. More devious emperors though can choose not to trust their rivals and use the espionage system to gather critical information that can help bring foes to ruin.

Developers are also giving out the cash currency Dark Force and Amazon gift cards to the first wave of European fans to settle into the MMO, whether by playing the PC version or its mobile versions.


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