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    Conquer X2: Image 01
    Reinforce your army by controlling strategic points for extra resources. Use these resources to deploy unlocked units....
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    Conquer X2: Image 02
    Turns are similar to XCom: Enemy Unkown and other thur based shotoers. Each squad can take up to 2 actions including move and shoo...
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    Conquer X2: Image 03
    Use research points or gems to unlock new upgrades or allow new units. Look at all 4 trees to see how you want to progress your ar...
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    Conquer X2: Image 04
    Choose from 1 of 6 factions. Each faction has a different starting location and slight advantages. And get ready for some faction-...
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Conquer X2 is a sci fi MMORTS developed by Nano Interactive and published by OnNet Europe. Players become space emperors and join the battle for galactic dominance. You must build a strong military force to overcome your enemies or focus on economic development and political supremacy. Alliances and treaties are not to be neglected no matter what path you choose. For example, economic empires can provide resources to military empires in exchange for protection. There are also ways to spy on your enemies to gather valuable information. Conquer X2 emperors can rule over multiple planets. There are plenty of options when it comes to building military units, constructions and facilities.

Adventures take place in a distant future. A global conflict left planet Earth a barren world with depleted resources. Space colonization was the only option so humans started to leave Earth. A terrible accident followed by an alien threat threw the human fleet off course and they ended up on a strange but life supporting planet. A new human civilization rose and spread over multiple planets. Power shifted to those who became planet colonizers and rulers. Conquer X2 players must do the same and impose their leadership among each other. Conquer X2 is not one of those story driven RTS games. The focus is on player interaction like player battles, alliances and co-op. Empires are alliances of players. It’s important to be part of an empire and also have treaties with other empires. A wise empire leader must know when to declare war and also how to make peace with a more powerful but hostile empire. Conquer X2 has different types of resources. Credits are in game money. Crystals are produced by crystal mines and they are needed for building. Gas is used for buildings and fleet. Players have a few skills that can be upgraded. The 5 Conquer X2 skills (defense, trade, construction, management and luck) help emperors with planet development. Planets possess some characteristics like population number, defense and offense forces, resource production and so on.

Conquer X2 has 5 types of available buildings. Resource structures deal with resource collecting, storage and processing. Production structures give shipyards and various factories. Bank, trading center and auction house are part of the trade structures. Research structures provide different technologies that give major development and general bonuses. Basic structures encompass miscellaneous buildings like population housing, barracks or defense structures. There are more than 35 buildings available. Conquer X2 is a free MMO with a task/quest system. Players have to complete different objectives like build some structure, gather resources, etc. These missions are also a nice way for new players to get used to game features. New players benefit from the newbie shield, a feature that doesn’t allow PvP against them. This should give you enough time to build a starting fleet to defend your empire because Conquer X2 has a very competitive playerbase.

By Rachel Rosen


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