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  • Colony of War: classes

    Colony of War: classes
    Choose from one of 6 characters. Think of these as your classes. Let's go with the mystery man on the right....
    Colony of War: classes

    Colony of War: attack

    Colony of War: attack
    Use WASD to move around, space to lock on to a target, and F or 1 to kill that target....
    Colony of War: attack

    Colony of War: quest

    Colony of War: quest
    Quests are the best way to progress through the early game....
    Colony of War: quest

    Colony of War: store

    Colony of War: store
    Colony of War is a free game but there is an item store if you want to speed up your progression....
    Colony of War: store

Colony of War is a new browser mmo strategy game, developed by Mgame and published by Netgame. The action in Colony of War takes place 600 years into the future. Humans colonized space and other planets can now support life. The use of robots has become something normal for humans. Based on common interests two alliances formed: Solar System United Front and Universe Government Allies. Players have to choose between one of them. The next step is to decide upon a class. The three available types are common to both sides. They are: fighting type, long distance type and thermodynamic. Colony of War starts with a tutorial that teaches gameplay basics.

Every Colony of War player is in charge of a colony on a planet. Colony of War gameplay has 2 main aspects. The first one is city building. The other is building and maintaining an army. Colony of War buildings are similar to those seen in most rts games. There are building to recruit units, to train them, research facilities, headquarters and so on. However, there are 2 building types that are bit more uncommon. The first one is the concert hall. This building provides entertainment for citizens and soldiers. The second building is the hospital. The name can be a bit eluding. A hospital in Colony of War is a medical research building not a repair/heal facility. Buildings can be upgraded. Building an army is an important part of Colony of War. Because humans have mastered robotics, armies now have robot soldiers. You will use resources to hire units. The more advanced the research is, the better the technology incorporated in units. Sometimes, two robots can be combined into a better one. There are a few robot categories. Some have offensive traits and are used in battle. Some are used to gather resources while others may be used for traveling. In total, there are around 50 distinct robots.

Colony of War free mmo has PvE and PvP features. PvE content involves completing quests and fighting computer controlled units. Players can team up. Colony of War has open world PvP. Battles in Colony of War take place in real time. Unions are alliances between players. Colony of War is not reinventing the mmo strategy genre but it’s not a bad game either. User interface is easy to use once you get used to it. Graphics are medium quality. Developers announced they plan to add more content to Colony of War. New robot types and some character customization are on the to-do list for Colony of War.

By Rachel Rosen

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