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Clash of War is a browser MMORTS from Game Hollywood and Proficient City. Game adventures take place in the near future in the year 2029. Players enter a war zone. Clash of War starts with a quick tutorial that teaches basics such as building, upgrading, general recruiting, combat system and resource management. When the tutorial is completed, players get to choose their faction. There are three factions: Lion, Tiger and Eagle. Users can customize their character by choosing a portrait and a name. Clash of War gameplay features traditional browser strategy mechanics. Players are in charge of a base. They will construct and upgrade buildings using resources. The goal is to raise an army powerful enough to complete the campaign missions and to defeat other players in PvP fights.

Buildings can be easily placed by selecting the desired facility from a list. Clash of War has three types of buildings: resource, military and defense. A building can be placed anywhere inside the base so players can customize their headquarters with a unique layout. Buildings can be moved at any time. Like all browser RTS games, Clash of War uses a resource system. Players obtain resources from special buildings, keep them in the storehouse and spend them to construct military and defense facilities. The tech center is a building that allows players to unlock bonuses such as stats boosts and more. Generals are recruited from the command center. There are three types of generals categorized based on their combat style: aerial, naval or infantry. In the beginning players will have just one general but more become available at higher levels. As Clash of War players progress they will want better quality generals. Depending on quality, generals can be common, uncommon, rare or epic. Attribute values and combat efficiency depend on a general's quality. Soldiers, tanks, planes, battleships and such are recruited from the barracks.

Game activities are accessed from the right menu. Clash of War is one of the free to play MMO browser games with tons of PvE quests. The main campaign has six episodes. An episode has multiple missions and a mission has multiple stages. In each stage, players will have to defeat AI controlled armies. Three difficulty options are available. Clash of War has PvP fights that allow players to challenge each other, to take part in arena battles, to fight in Transport Resources mode and to join the World War. New players that are unsure about what to do next can check the daily quests section and complete them. Other Clash of War features include friends system, clans and ranking.

By Rachel Rosen

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