City of Steam: Arkadia goes live on Steam

By Tam Mageean
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Most people, by now, know the story of the ill-fated mmorpg, City of Steam. Due to a combination of poor support and forgotten promises from their old publisher, R2, many fans walked away from the game in its first incarnation, which, in November of last year, resulted in its demise. The saddest part of the story, is that so many mmo fans were backing City of Steam from such an early stage; the desire from gamers to see a true, uncompromising, Steampunk themed rpg was unprecedented, but when the game fell short, gamers almost instantly began jumping overboard.

As promised by Mechanist Games, however, the mmo has undergone a serious overhaul, been renamed City of Steam: Arkadia, and has tightened it's bolts for round two.

Although the game relaunched almost immediately under its new banner; today, their quest for redemption with the mainstream begins, with the news that City of Steam: Arkadia is available on Steam, for all to download. Their Greenlight campaign on Valve's Steam service was heavily backed, with players desperate to see a second attempt of the mmo, and hopefully, this time around, they wont be disappointed.

Following today's launch, 3 bundles have also been put into play; the Purple Bundle, the Orange Bundle and the Solid Gold Bundle, all with unique items for the Steampunk enthusiast in you.

Judging by early footage and screenshots, Mechanist Games have really gone the extra mile with the reboot, changing the game from the ground up, adding new level content, improved features, restructured events and enhanced gameplay to entice players back to the mmo. Let's hope that this time, its cogs all keep turning.


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