City of Steam unearths Patch 1.2: “The Vault Unsealed”

By Michael Jamias
city of steam patch 1 2 the vault unsealed

Explore a whole new suburb in the newly activated City of Steam content patch.

City of Steam Patch 1.2: “The Vault Unsealed” has unlocked the new content hub called The Vault, as well as the new Wildnerness level called The Broken Stair. The level cap has also been raised to 32, giving grind-happy mmo fans a few more levels. For those who can take the heat, City of Steam also now allows elites to take on Paragon mode or max-level hardmode boss raids.

Acolytes of the Riven and Draug elven races,rejoice; both are playable again after receiving some tweaking.

PvP fans also got some love with a new PvP tournament event as well as a new map. Warders in particular have something to cheer about – the developers have heard the complaints and upped their ability to dish out crowd control. As a newly launched game, developers said to expect similar balance fixes in the near future.

R2 Games also reported that the City of Steam Patch 1.2, originally scheduled to take 4-6 hours, was actually implemented in an hour. It’s almost a given these days for browser games and other MMOs to stumble into issues that extend their downtime, so fans should cross their fingers that R2 Games can repeat their efficient rollout in the coming updates.


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