City of Steam open beta on May 10 becomes free-for-all

By Michael Jamias
city of steam open beta free for all

The City of Steam open beta was previously restricted to lucky key holders and pre-purchase Collaborators. Not anymore.

Possibly due to incessant demands to provide more open beta keys, the City of Steam open beta has now been made into an entirely free public spectacle. Key holder or not, fans who want to check out the technopocalypse-themed MMORPG from Mechanist Games can show up on May 10 and play its latest working version.

While this might disappoint Collaborators who had been promised guaranteed spots and expected to enjoy a less-packed open beta experience (something tells us a compensation of some sort is in the works), we cannot help but be thrilled for what could be thousands of additional players that will get to explore the browser mmo’s enthrallingly sprawling metropolis.

Open beta players will have access to 3 classes and 4 races – not the full character customization suite as developers want to focus testing on these choices – as well as pretty substantial content. Between skills, talents, crafting, challenge dungeons, and events, players will have a lot to try out.

Testers are reminded that unlike most open betas that are limited to weekend bursts, City of Steam will be keeping the servers online continuously throughout the duration of the publc beta, so those who can and want to log on daily will be able to do so.


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