Help City of Steam get on the Steam distribution platform

By Michael Jamias
city of steam on steam platform

Indie developer Mechanist Games is making a bid to add its soon-to-be-released MMO in Valve’s massively popular Steam digital distribution system.

 “The Greenlight campaign came to be as a direct result of a near overwhelming amount of requests made by their fan-base to get the game on Steam after the start of closed beta,” said Mechanist Games in a release.

With a high enough rating, City of Steam could expand its reach to the legions of Valve users, netting the developer more sales and development funds.

Fans who want to help City of Steam get on the Steam platform can visit the dedicated page ( and rating up the free browser mmo.

Mechanist Games said that if their Steam Greenlight campaign is successful, all fans will unlock a ton of freebies and additional MMO content to consume, including:

- 7 extra Pets, with 2 inspired by Valve
- 3 new Steambikes, with 1 Valve tribute model
- 8 new dungeon types
- Steam Achievements
- More hats, because hats
- Extra hardcore dungeon challenges
- Jetpacks
- Extra character customization options

City of Steam, which is scheduled to be released in 2013, has already finished one alpha and two beta tests, with more scheduled at future dates.


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