New Servers Coming to City of Steam: Arkadia

By Jeff Francis
City of Steam new servers

Players of the browser mmo, City of Steam: Arkadia, will be happy to know that the game is expanding. It's been announced that new servers are coming to City of Steam: Arkadia to allow players a more fulfilling gaming experience. European players should be in ecstasy as the mmo announced that the EU is finally getting its own server. Mechanist Games have said that they now have the capability to provide a European game service in English and have started scouting the proper location for the EU server itself. There is no official date of release for this new EU server as of yet.

City of Steams bike

US players of the no download mmorpg are also getting some love from City of Steam: Arkadia as well. The game is putting up a new US East Coast server that will launch alongside the EU server. The new servers will allows players to actually benefit from playing in their own time zones. No more staying up too late doing dungeon runs and missing work or school! (At least, we hope not, but the dungeon running bug is hard to resist). This should make grouping much easier for players.

There is one hitch though to the new servers coming to City of Steam: Arkadia. Characters cannot be traded manually between the databases, so the mmo cannot transfer US characters to the new European one. However, they can transfer all your remaining Electrum to the new EU server from the US server. For full details on how to affect this transfer, you can visit the game's official site by clicking here.


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