City of Steam Gets Even Steamier

By Josh Wirtanen
City of Steam Gets Even Steamier

The steampunkish browser-based MMORPG from Mechanist Games, City of Steam, is getting ready to deliver its 1.3 update. This update brings a whole bunch of new content to the game.

Here's what is coming with the patch, according to an official press release: "New additions include an improved Founders’ Annex suburb, more dungeons, expanded questlines, a higher level cap, and most notably the highly anticipated return of the Channeler class, and the dwarf and greenskin races (goblins, hobbes and orcs)."

A recent developer diary gave us a bit more detail about The Seige of the Spire, a new event that's planned for the City of Steam 1.3 update. "Two teams duke it out in a MOBA-inspired arena with spawning mobs, turrets, monster spawners and a main base on both teams’ sides. There are three rows where the mobs duke it out, and the paths between them combined with the third person camera and limited visibility have already lead to some edge-of-seat battles at the office."

The game, based off the lore of the New Epoch books, is in what the developers are calling a "soft-launched Beta." City of Steam is planned to transition to a full-on open beta later this year.

City of Steam Gets Even Steamier


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