City of Steam compensates early adopters

By Tam Mageean
city of steam compensates

City of Steam brought a world of Steampunk to the MMORPG scene in a way that had rarely been seen. For this reason, fans in their droves flocked to the game, seeing it as a digital bastion for gamers who wanted to experience a free to play world of victoriana, clockwork and pistons.

After less than a year, however, player numbers had dwindled, (purportedly due to a change in publisher, changes in the game and the removal of features during the beta transition), and Mechanist Games sadly had to announce it would be drawing City of Steam to a close, with its last day scheduled to be November 21st.

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Shortly after the announcement, Mechanist Games re-acquired the game from its publisher and decided to launch it under their own banner.

City of Steam Arkadia has adapted to player feedback, and is doing its best to give back the game people originally wanted. To further their efforts, they have now faced the fans.

Mechanist Games plans to compensate early adopters of City of Steam by refunding their virtual currency and issuing "Welcome Back Packs" to gamers who achieved level 30 and above in the defunct original. Those who wish to carry on their adventure in the new MMO can expect early Christmas presents, bonus items, and, for players of Level 38 or higher, an "Awesome Mega Super Dooper Mystery Item" with no hints at when it could possibly be.

If you held an original account on City of Steam, email "[email protected]" with your character name, along with any remaining in-game electrum, spiremarks, shillings and keys to have them added to your new Arkadia account.


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