City of Steam advances to closed beta November 16

By Michael Jamias
city of steam closed beta november 16

After incorporating the feedback drawn from its August alpha test, City of Steam is now confident to move into closed beta.

The industrial age fantasy MMORPG will divide its closed beta into a series of 5-day test phases, which is scheduled as follows:

Springtide: Nov. 16 – 20
Summercrest: Nov. 30 – Dec. 4
Autumnwane: Dec. 14 – 18
Winter Festival: Dec. 23 – 28

Purchasing City of Steam beta collaborator packs provides guaranteed access to the closed beta, as well as other privileges such as character name reservation and bonus social currency. Some of the more premium collaborator packs even allow players to design an item and have their name appear personally as a city founder in the browser game. Fans should also watch out for free closed beta keys that developers will give out.

Closed beta participants are also encouraged to support the game and spread the word on social networks. Doing so will add points to the Steam-o-meter tracker and unlock extra content reserved for open beta to the closed beta, such as challenge dungeons, the Dwarf race and prestige classes. There are even “humiliation” milestones that will be inflicted on developers of the browser mmo, which fans could get a kick out of.


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