City of Steam schedules Closed Beta for November

By Michael Jamias
city of steam closed beta november

After four weeks of Alpha testing, City of Steam moves on to Closed Beta testing sometime in November with guaranteed access to those who purchase beta supporter packs.

City of Steam developer Mechanist Games said the Closed Beta test will contain “more quests, a higher level cap, further character customization and eventually, even more races and classes” than the nine races and four classes playable during Alpha testing.

New beta supporter packs that will give access to the Closed Beta will be unveiled at a future date, and will add to the existing limited alpha collaborator packs now available here.

As an indie-developed browser mmo, City of Steam depends on supporter funds to keep the game pushing along to its eventual launch. Players who buy-in early to the game through the supporter packs receive not only guaranteed testing access but also MMO merchandise, downloadable music, artwork and other in-game goodies.

In recapping the progress made after the just-ended Alpha test, Mechanist Games said developers have re-factored the client code and eliminated many bugs based on player feedback. “Character movement and animation have been smoothed out, improving an already excellent graphics for the browser games platform.”

If you’re looking to score some free Closed Beta keys like the ones we gave away for the Alpha Test, stay tuned! Bookmark the City of Steam website or hang out at our MMO-Play Facebook page for insta-updates on our free beta key giveaways.


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