City of Steam: Arkadia arrives December 4

By Michael Jamias
city of steam arkadia december 4 launch

Back in October we were alerted to the news that City of Steam will be re-launching as City of Steam: Arkadia.

Developers said City of Steam: Arkadia will be an upgraded and more user-friendly version that will hopefully bring back support for the poorly subscribed mmo game. The initial launch window for this revamped version was set sometime this November, but now we hear that the official release date will be on December 4 at 9:00PM EST.

We're willing to forgive the missed target date, especially now that they have at least confirmed the new features packed in this new version. Fresh features will include Mercenaries, Alchemy, and Fishing. They have also redesigned dungeons and improved gameplay in a way that it will both "reach a wider player demographic than before and satisfy the appetites of our loyal fans."

Developers also assured that the Chinese and English servers will be adapted specifically for their markets, so that some features in the former may not make it in the latter, and vice versa. What these changes are will be revealed once City of Steam: Arkadia drops next week.

There's also a new update for browser games fans that have been waiting for their compensation packs. Codes will go out within the week for early supporters who purchased the alpha and beta packs for the ill-fated first version.


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