City of Steam Arkadia News

city of steam server
Despite the mmo scene being more popular than ever, a lot of games have struggled to tread water. 2014 has been a year of sad announcements regarding server consolidation, reduced support and other methods of handling low user traffic in-game. It seems like the mmo community, although vast, is too thinly spread when it comes to newer games. Giant modern releases, such as the hugely anticipated, Wildstar, couldn't even break through and it too ha...
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Sep 12 2014
city of steam arkadia 2 7 sneak peek
There's been some heavy haze surrounding the City of Steam Arkadia 2.7 update, but this has thinned now that developers have confirmed the three most exciting features packed into the update. The City of Steam Arkadia 2.7 sneak peek lists an evolved mercenary system as one of the first improvements that will surprise players of the no download mmorpg. Not only has the interface been spruced up -- see the work-in-progress screenshot below -- play...
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Jun 28 2014
city of steam arkadia poland
Back in December, Western hosts of City of Steam: Arkadia, Mechanist Games, enforced country-wide IP blocks on their Polish and Russian fanbase; preventing them from playing on the EU and US servers. An explanation was never fully issued, but their honesty with their fans earned the respect of players on both sides of the rift, with many putting it down to a fair competition agreement with the Russian and Polish publisher of City of Steam: Arkad...
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Jun 09 2014
city of steam arkadia crafting
Ever since City of Steam Arkadia rose from the ashes of its predecessor, thanks to the tactical re-acquisition of the CoS IP, by Mechanist Games, things have been going rather swimmingly. The steampunk themed mmorpg has been chugging along through its updates joined the fittingly named, Steam platform and recently made history when it hosted the first round of its cross-server PvP event. Eager to show more, City of Steam is boldly delving into t...
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May 28 2014
City of Steam new servers
Players of the browser mmo, City of Steam: Arkadia, will be happy to know that the game is expanding. It's been announced that new servers are coming to City of Steam: Arkadia to allow players a more fulfilling gaming experience. European players should be in ecstasy as the mmo announced that the EU is finally getting its own server. Mechanist Games have said that they now have the capability to provide a European game service in English and have...
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Apr 21 2014
city of steam steam
Most people, by now, know the story of the ill-fated mmorpg, City of Steam. Due to a combination of poor support and forgotten promises from their old publisher, R2, many fans walked away from the game in its first incarnation, which, in November of last year, resulted in its demise. The saddest part of the story, is that so many mmo fans were backing City of Steam from such an early stage; the desire from gamers to see a true, uncompromising, St...
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Mar 06 2014
city of steam arkadia december 4 launch
Back in October we were alerted to the news that City of Steam will be re-launching as City of Steam: Arkadia. Developers said City of Steam: Arkadia will be an upgraded and more user-friendly version that will hopefully bring back support for the poorly subscribed mmo game. The initial launch window for this revamped version was set sometime this November, but now we hear that the official release date will be on December 4 at 9:00PM EST. ...
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Nov 26 2013
city of steam compensates
City of Steam brought a world of Steampunk to the MMORPG scene in a way that had rarely been seen. For this reason, fans in their droves flocked to the game, seeing it as a digital bastion for gamers who wanted to experience a free to play world of victoriana, clockwork and pistons. After less than a year, however, player numbers had dwindled, (purportedly due to a change in publisher, changes in the game and the removal of features during the b...
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Nov 06 2013
city of steam relaunch arkadia
City of Steam developers admit the current game is not working, and plan to re-launch the title as City of Steam: Arkadia next month. The free no download mmorpg has been bleeding heavily in subscribers since its recent launch, and there were talks of a total shutdown. Luckily, the makers decided to give it one more go, planning to pad City of Steam: Arkadia with fan-pleasing improvements and more content. Of course, a re-birth will have its sh...
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Oct 24 2013
City of Steam Gets Even Steamier
The steampunkish browser-based MMORPG from Mechanist Games, City of Steam, is getting ready to deliver its 1.3 update. This update brings a whole bunch of new content to the game. Here's what is coming with the patch, according to an official press release: "New additions include an improved Founders’ Annex suburb, more dungeons, expanded questlines, a higher level cap, and most notably the highly anticipated return of the Channeler class, and t...
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Jun 20 2013