ChronoBlade punches in PvP arena feature

By Michael Jamias
chronoblade pvp arena

Make sure to polish your combat skills before braving the new ChronoBlade PvP Arena. Or prepare to get your butt literally kicked to the floor!

There's simply no room for error or rusty fingers, based on this ChronoBlade PvP Arena launch trailer which shows players chaining arcade-style combos:

Publisher nWay actually cited traditional fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken as inspiration for this new PvP Arena mode -- and it shows. It has the same single-player, head-to-head, fight-to-the-death matches in those titles, and requires one player to win two out of three rounds to claim match victory.

In the video, we counted several PvP arena settings available, including a wooden bridge atop a river and overlooking waterfall, mossy stone ruins, and what looks to be inside a core of a giant factory or machine.

For the more competitive browser games fighters, there will be Ranked PvP matches and corresponding prizes. There's more at stake here though than loot. Player victories will be recorded and listed on ranked global leaderboards. Players will also be able to form an mmorpg guild to broadcast their achievements to the world.

And yes, PvP is a free addition and a free feature. So no need to scrounge for dollars to deliver your own sick beatdowns.


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