Weapon transmogrification hits Chrono Tales

By Michael Jamias
chrono tales weapon transmogrification

The fantasy mmorpg Chrono Tales has added the Transmogrification function to the game, allowing players to swap the look of their gear.

Chrono Tales players who activate Transmogrification will be able to change the icon and appearance of an equipment with those of another equipment while retaining the original's  attributes. This should please costume fans who want to sport their favorite gear in the browser mmo without having to sacrifice power or combat utility.

Players can perform Transmogrification by finding Chroland Capital Equipment Merchant Vick.

In addition to this new equipment-altering feature, Chrono Tales developers are also planning to release two new systems in the next mmo expansion: Rune Words and Bounty Hunter. These are expected to hit the live servers sometime in May.

Under the Rune Words system, players will be able to imbue a combination of runes in an item to give it exceptional attributes, beyond what the runes themselves accomplish. Rune slots will differ depending on the mob drop, so players can expect to hunt for the maximum-slotted varieties of their gear before proceeding with a Rune Words inscription.

Meanwhile, the Bounty Hunter system allows players of Level 60+ to undertake the Bounty Hunter quest. Players will then be asked to issue arrest warrants to other players. Once the targets accept the warran, the player and the wanted target will be teleported to a battle instance where they will fight to the death. Think of it as a deathmatch challenge. Bounty Hunters will receive bounty and Reputation as rewards if they hunt down the wanted players successfully.


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