Chrono Tales encourages coupling this Valentine's

By Michael Jamias
chrono tales valentines day events

Valentine's Day is just a couple of nights away, and if your Chrono Tales character is still single but ready to mingle, then now's the perfect time to woo an in-game partner.

The MMORPG has started launching its line-up of Chrono Tales Valentine's Day events, and in one particularly lovey-dovey event, players can take couple screenshots with their special someone, and receive coupons and 99 flowers for the sweet gesture.

But if you're a bachelor, that doesn't mean you'll spend the week moping around. There are still plenty of solo content to keep you pre-occupied.

You can take out your romantic frustration on the instance and world bosses, whose loot tables have been tweaked for the holiday to drop Sweet Chocolates. Eating these treats will allow players to obtain random rewards such as a new Transmogrification weapon model, new Valentine Garments and World Boss Talismans.

Couples and singles alike can also turn into Valentine's raiders by hunting down Deathwing the Destroyer. The boss plans to spoil the amorous mood in the browser mmo, and will land on Sleepers' Grave with his three minion lieutenants at 14:00 and 21:00 daily. Defeat this inconsiderate invader to earn rare runes, a new Dark Amulet and new weapon models.


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