Chrono Tales raises level cap to 60 with second closed beta

By Michael Jamias
chrono tales second closed beta

The anime-style 3D browser mmo entered into its two-week-long second closed beta on January 7.

The most notable upgrade coming with second closed beta is the raised level cap to 60. Chrono Tales will see a swath of new world bosses and daily instances as well.

This latest beta round should also see the debut of two new systems – Divinization and Treasure Plant. Other UI improvements that have been rolled out include the hotkey option to turn on/off auto-combat (press CTRL+Z) and a new server time display for keeping track of in-game events.

Cash shop items also received repricing changes, such as HP/MP potions, which should make them more attractive to purchase. As a bonus treat, developer Game DP even gave out a Flame Steed pet to all Chrono Tales second closed beta participants.

MMO fans who troop to the second closed beta are advised though to not get too attached to their characters since similar to the first closed beta, all data of the second closed beta test will be wiped out when it finishes, Game DP said.

Why purchase from the cash shop then when the characters you invested on will be wiped out anyway? Game DP said fans should spend without worry because there will be a generous cash shop refund after the second closed beta

“Players who topped up during 1st CBT will get 100% return in 2nd CBT. In addition, when Open Beta is launched, we will give out 110% return of what players’ total top up during both CBT,” the developer assured.


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